Helping your creative team be more creative

If your team has a creative challenge and limited time, allow me to design and facilitate a half, full or multiple day experience to help you get solid results quickly.

I haven’t clicked the back button yet…

Thanks for reading on. As a seasoned experience designer and design facilitator, I know the arc of a successful design experience. I’ll help you decide what people need to work on, in what order, and how to motivate them. Your internal team will co-create what you need to deliver – a strategy, a mock-up, a prototype, ideas to fuel the next meeting – in the time you have and I will design and guide you through the process that will get you there.

And the journey will be fun, instead of painful! I promise.

If you have a challenge (business or design, because they are always intertwined) I can help you work through it. Designing a creative process that allow teams to collaborate on a vision and accelerate towards action is my secret sauce.

Bulls and wallflowers

I’ve seen this many times: talented people who can often work well together, but when the stakes are high, can fail to agree or collaborate painlessly. There might be a bull or three in the room, people who won’t back down from their perspectives. Unless you can get them to “give in” things stay stalled. When you put it in those terms, most of us don’t really like the idea of giving in…especially when we’re right!

On the other hand, the opposite challenge is just as real: people who hold back, not participating, seeming like they’re fine with the way things are going. But once the meeting is over, the alignment and shared direction we thought we all had agreed on falls apart. Getting people away from the walls and really truly participating is essential if we need everyone’s efforts to make our future plans a reality.

Diverge or Converge? Opening or Closing?

There are at least two main types of creative meetings…ones where you need to start the conversation and ones where you need to end the conversation. You can do both in one meeting (in fact, you have to!) but it’s important to know which is the primary focus of your gathering.
Getting the best ideas on the table, making sure we’re thinking of all the angles, that everyone is heard…
That’s a “Divergent” Thinking, or “opening”
Getting towards resolution, action and prototypes, testing and validation means we have to “Converge” on a small number of options.
We’ve got to “close” because you can’t test and fund a pilot of *all* your ideas. Unless you have an unlimited budget and then definitely get in touch with me.

Where do you need to get to next?

Design is about choices, empathy, collaboration, alignment, prototyping, business goals, brand, team, users…many, many things. But above all it’s about understanding where you are right now and where you need to get to next. The right amount of design will help you make that next step, and I believe your team already has the capabilities to make that next step with the right facilitation and the right inputs. Please get in touch and let’s talk about where you need to get to and how I can help.