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Origami and the Art of Visual Communication

Last week I had the opportunity to talk about Origami and visual thinking to a great crowd of VizThinkers. Liquidnet gave us a great spot, and the VizThink team brought a great crowd. Dean Meyers took some great shots of the event, some of which I’ve used below. You can find the rest […]

making electrons into atoms: through the looking glass.

Today I ran into the Souvenirs From The Internet project and it’s awesome facebook pillows and internet commemorative plates.


There is a certain delight in the macabre nature of these objects…having a plate celebrating viral videos or the shitty buildings that house mega-internet companies is insane and hilarious. But the desire is a real movement, I think…the timeline on facebook is […]

Dynamic Tension: User Types

I really enjoyed this post from Fantasy Interactive’s UX director Irene Pereyra.

She talks about 10 steps that help create an engaging user experience.

4. Forget about Nancy, think user types

Personas are vital when it comes to structuring the content. Look at all the content […]


So last night I went to go see Eames: The Architect and the Painter at the IFC center. Tonight is the last night to see it. You should go.

The movie was an amazing portrait of some amazing lives and an amazing time in our history.The Eames managed to take commercial success in mass […]

Origami for the People

I had a lovely time last night teaching origami to the drunken design crowd that filtered through the Phaidon Bookstore. You can tell from the photo above that we had some design people on hand – look at that color selection on the trees!

With a large, loud space and three tables […]

Hacking My Android

As my dear friend Kenzan once said, the internet can get you into trouble, but it can’t get you out of it….this is a tale of how that almost became true.

I had thought about rooting my HTC Incredible for a while…for one, the free WiFi tethering is awesome. The other was just to […]

Origami for Agile Design: Moments

Today I had the pleasure of working with a team of Designers at Moment for a fun lunchtime session of Origami and Origami Diagramming.

This session seems to have built on last night’s lecture at Pivotal Labs, hosted by Anders Ramsay, where designers from Pivotal and Moment showed how they wireframe in […]

The care and feeding of buttons.

User research fridays
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Tomorrow, in a few hours, I’ll show a few slides to the audience at, which should be pretty awesome. Thanks to Bolt Peters for putting this all together!

On my way home, slightly buzzed from an excellent party at, I thought: “I should just post my talk […]

Design Thinking for Business

Well, we did it again. It was kind of a Voltron moment: Katie Koch, Peter Knocke, Miles Begin, Jason Wisdom and I came together and led about 30 NYU Stern students through a business-focused design workshop class!

Brian Ng and Sarah Lee from NYU Net Impact worked with us closely to help […]

DCrit: Negroponte Speaks!

After having heard Negroponte speak, I have really mixed feelings about the project. On the one hand…it’s an amazing accomplishment – I hope to do as much as he has to move the dial forward. He’s put the tools of technology in the hands of millions of kids at the lowest costs possible. […]