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Strategy as Story

Tony Golsby Smith on Reframing Strategy as Story from Second Road Pty Ltd on Vimeo.

This great video from Second Road talks about what I see as Strategy…not a series of Gant charts and action steps, but powerful storytelling. He says “The future gets shaped by the power […]

Strategy, Leverage and Facilitation

“Why go through the hassle of actually designing and making better products and services, and offering steadily more value to customers and society, when the firm could simply position its business so that structural barriers ensured endless above-average profits?”

That is strategy without design and humanity. Read more […]

Innovation and Uncertainty

“If a project is truly innovative, you cannot possibly know its exact cost and exact schedule at the beginning…And if you do know the exact cost and the exact schedule, chances are that the technology is obsolete.”
I dug up this old clip I had in Evernote today…and it’s a blockbuster. It’s from the obituary of […]

Technology is changing faster than us.

I just watched a very good talk from Paul Adams on Social Circles and Influence…it’s from *last year’s* UX week…but I’m clearly just catching up now. If you don’t have the time to read his book, take a gander at the video. If you can’t spare 45 minutes, fast forward to about 40 minutes in […]

Bamboo into chopsticks

This was a few weeks back, in rural Vietnam… we stopped of on the side of the road to see a small…factory? Shop? Workshop? I'm not really sure what to call an open-air, low-tech, high skill locale like this…but I am thinking that refinery is close to the right word- they are taking raw materials […]

Measuring Well-Being

I just saw this bubble up on twitter! If you want to know more about how to dig into more intangible emotions and human physiological states, take a read through Measuring Well-being. It’s a free PDF download and has some helpful tricks and guideposts.

according to their site, the handbook provides:


Transactive memory

I was reading this op-ed in the NYTimes and came upon a new phrase (well, new in 1985) for an idea that has settled into my mind for some time now: Transactive Memory.
…when there’s a smartphone or iPad in reach, I know everything the Internet knows. Or at least, that’s how it feels.

This curious feeling […]

Brainstorming: Workshopping ideas is Parallel Computing

Last night my former creative director at Kaleidoscope and I did a 1.5 hour session with some Interaction Design undergrad students at Parsons. Teaching a group in so short a time how to have more and better ideas faster was a solid constraint – but as we all know, good contraints make good design. Knowing we […]

IA Summit Takeaways


My first IA summit was an excellent and super-over-full experience.

Trying to parse it out is challenging…taking the time off to GET the information is hard enough…then taking time to make the the information USEFUL is the real challenge. As Karl Fast said in his talk about information overload:


Eating Breakfast with Three Arms should be enough.

What would it be like to eat breakfast with three arms? Could you hold your phone while cutting up your french toast? That would be pretty awesome.

Maybe you could feed your baby and yourself at the same time. That could make the day a bit better, for sure.

What about four arms? Well…that could just be […]