Design Facilitation and Education

Products and Services: One Big Iceberg

A few things are coming together in my head…and it is a pretty straightforward idea. The “slabification” of design is an apple-ish trend. The product gets slimmer, there’s more screen and less industrial design. The interface is the design.

And the product’s real value comes form how it connects me to a world of data and […]

The Evolving User

According to the New York Times and Forrester Research, people in the US of A are moving forward and everyone is getting on the tech bandwagon.

To wit:

63% of American Households have a broadband Internet Connection

75% of households have cellphones and PC computers

10 million households have added an HDTV last year (a 27% jump)

Total market penetration […]

Embedded Information










This is a perfect example of embedding information in the right place. I have to make a conscious effort to not buy this.

Also take a look at Sun Microsystem’s Project Looking Glass. […]

Long Form Reading

Man. I love Nicholson Baker. On a total aside, read The Mezzanine, his book about tangential thinking. The novel is written maybe 60% in footnotes that are near-random asides and mental meanderings. Kind of like my blog.

He wrote a recent article in the New Yorker about the Kindle. As we all should know by […]

Usability is just the start

I really enjoyed this article. It’s a few years old, but still relevant:

“Usability doesn’t really get at the psychological and emotional context of use. Usability will tell you, from an ergonomic perspective, what people can do with a product, but there is lot more to making a product successful in the marketplace and making a […]

Latent Potential: Finding 5% of a wing

David Oliver got me thinking about Evolution…And I was finally reading Rules for Revolutionaries…which mentions Stephen Jay Gould’s 5% of a wing problem. So all this is buzzing around in my head…

Maybe it’s just my past life as a scientist but I love the idea of the 5% of a wing…We all know what a […]

Interaction Design: Process and Behavior

What is this man designing?

To my eye, he is just studying process. With that understanding, he could design a teapot or a website or any number of things. Boxes and arrows are a beloved trope of the interaction designer…but it is just a way to think clearly about complex processes and interactions. It’s like math. […]

Crossing the Chasm: Keep Dancing?

The other day I saw this video on Youtube and it really reminded me of Crossing the Chasm…You see the idea that you have to get the early adopters before you get the mainstream. And before you get the early adopters, you have to have a visionary. That’s the guy in the video, dancing […]

Data Drives Design..into a deep, dark hole.

I saw this NYTimes article today and thought you all might find it interesting…A designer from Google left recently, frustrated that every design decision was driven (or hobbled) by the intense need for data-driven decisions. In his blog he says:
Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades […]

Information Design: making a new Alphabet

This really blew my mind – it’s like doing math in Roman Numerals and then doing math with Arabic numbers. What is XVII times VCII? I dunno.

But 100 X 4 is easy. This change in fundamental technology a thousand years ago made a real impact on people’s lives.

In genetics, scientists use CGAT to indicate gene […]