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IXD10: OMGWTF?! or…I need to process a lot.

Ok. I got back from Savannah Sunday night and have been reeling since then. Obviously, I have to work, too. This is a stopgap post! I need to put more into this.

Saturday night, out to dinner before the big Microsoft party, my mind was a blurry haze of ideas.

Jon Kolko’s […]

ITP 2009

All in all, ITP is always fun, sometimes underwhelming. The best pieces are little jokes or games. One of the nicest was just a tent with a video projection on the surface of a campfire and woods. A bunch of us sat inside and just felt like we were backyard camping. It was a nice […]

Flat-Packed digital Interaction

So much digital interaction…thanks to @kicker for the Android Tablet heads up… Watch the video of Jimmy Fallon being annoyed with the nook’s “sliver” of a touchscreen and play with an Android Tablet.

Here’s the thing…is long battery life so important to the user that they will put up with e-ink’s lackluster interaction capabilities? Nook tries […]

Wireframing Fidelity and Activation Energy

Enjoyed this discussion on LinkedIn. I’ve checked out Balsamiq and Axure and OmniGraffle. OmniGraffle wins for best name, for sure.

The discussion ranged widely, and the issue I think is FIDELITY. We talk a lot about fidelity of mockups in ID, and wireframes are prototypes. And that’s why paper sketching seems to be a good starting […]

Small Revolutions

Reading Steve Portigal’s article in Appliance magazine and watching Stephen Anderson’s talk from MX2008 got me thinking…UX people seem to be interested in culture primarily because we have to try to change it all the time, in little ways. Steve says “Driving these kinds of cultural changes isn’t trivial, but it isn’t impossible, either” while […]

Being Ecumenical: Dell Hymes

I read Dell Hymes’ Obit today.

What strikes me about his approach to Linguistics was that it was all about context. Language took place in a cultural context, not in a mathematical wonderland, as Chomsky would have you believe.

Not to harsh on Noam, or anything.

But the word […]

Steve Portigal on Improv and Creativity

Yesterday I hit an IXDA free event at RGA. Steve Portigal gave an awesome talk on Improv and its implications/applications to UX design and research.

He generously put up his slides here…which, had I known he was going to do, Maalik and I might not have taken such furious notes!

One idea from his talk that blew […]

The Uncanny valley in Monkey Land

Apparently the Uncanny Valley is for Monkeys, too:

I’ve been trying to find the 30 Rock episode wherein Tracy Jordan designs a pornographic video game, defying the uncanny valley…but the media lords have made it hard.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, first of all, I like the […]

Consumer Insights: Participatory Design


Last night I went to see JooYoung Oh give a presentation on her participatory design methods at The Change You Want to See, a very cool activist and co-working space in Williamsburg. I was tired after a long day, but the exercise of  putting lots of stickers on a page to […]

Mashups: Websites that are videos. Pictures that are movies. Video, video, video.

Thanks to twitter and @flytip, I read 87 cool things from Google Creative Labs at

Some faves were which takes your pics and short videos and makes a very sweet movie from them all, using a sound track of your choosing.

Another Youtube Mashup was Youtube Karaoke. Am I the last to know about this? […]