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Service Design Blueprints

Reposting an article I wrote for TDG on Service Design tools….it seemed worthwhile to share a few more tools from my research on the web and from our other friends in the design world, since people have been asking about it.


We see Design Thinking, Service Design and Experience Design as overlapping so strongly with an underlying […]

Forrests and Trees: the problem with pattern recognition

Combing through my archive, I came upon this article in the New York Times. Its essential point was that a Brahms score, played by hundred of musicians, contained an error that no one noticed.

A piano teacher heard his student mis-play the piece….when he asked the student to correct the mistake, the student pointed out that […]

Information Architecture for Hamlet

I really love the Book Review section of the New York Times. You find gems…and you learn a lot –without reading the book! Ok, so I know that’s probably not the idea. But it’s like a short course on the topic – the overview, some critique, knowledge. In other words, good times.


9+1 steps to Doing Design

Some background. I presented a live version of this post to a beginning thesis class at Pratt. I was tired of showing my own work and wanted to inspire them to get out of the classroom, go into the world, and Do Design. The video above and my 10 slides below are my attempt to […]

What I learned about Sketchnotes

So last week I came out to hear the fine gents of Big Blue Gumball talk about the power of visual thinking at Liquidnet. We did many fun things – Pictionary with company names (HP is hard to draw…Apple is easy), improv to a wordless PowerPoint (like Mystery Science theater 3000)…and Sketchnotes.

We watched […]

AM at the Office: Infographics Barrage

I walked in to find that Nico had sent us all this gem, via Gizmodo:

So naturally I thought of this chestnut from Dan Saffer….which they hadn’t seen yet!

Oh….and I found this on my way there, via Google. I think it’s pretty nice.


1847: The beginning of the Modern Era?

This Sunday I saw the face of modernism, and it was a real blast from the past.

I’ve been showing the images from the New York Time book review around the office and most of the designers say, yeah? And?

And…I show them the date this book was first published: 1847. […]

CMYK Event at Droog: Tasty

On the 28th, Tasteologie, the test kitchen of Fork and Design put together CMYK Cocktail at Droog. It was a deeply, deeply enjoyable evening. It’s so rare to focus so cleanly and clearly on your senses…and what’s more, to decide if the green-colored cocktail you’re drinking tastes Blue, as the mixologist intended […]

Back to the Futurists…or “we don’t need any roads”


So my education continues. A few weeks back I took a well-deserved trip to the Florida Keys to go kayaking with a 1 day layover in Miami. While my travelling companion hung out with her family in the area, I hit the Wolfsonian, the one not-to-be-missed design destination in the area.

The […]

The Territory is not the Map: Personas and Storytelling

Thanks to @whitneyhess I went off to learn about Ad-Hoc personas in an ad-hoc way – by listening to 3 (free) minutes of a webinar coming up from Tamara Adlin.

What impressed me most about her pitch was that we ALL have personas or mental models of our users already. And, as Socrates […]