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The Three Thinking Modes

In many tomes about creativity or design thinking, you’ll hear talk about “divergent” and “convergent” thinking. Divergent just means “lots of ideas” and Convergent just means “choosing one or a few of many”. I like to call those modes “open” and “close”. You *can’t* open and close at the same time. You open, then you […]

The Best ideas should win, not just the loudest

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Hearing Every voice in the room
In our last newsletter, we talked about how solving the world’s biggest problems take ensembles, not soloists.
That’s true because we almost always are working on a team, where no one person gets to be the final “decider”. You can argue that this situation is […]

Solving The World’s Biggest Problems Takes Ensembles, Not Soloists

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Band together
Being a soloist is fun…you get to flex your skills and shine. But music isn’t made by soloists alone…and it’s not enough to be great at your instrument. To make it with a band and make a big, rich sound, you have to listen to others, and […]