Design Facilitation and Education

IXD10: OMGWTF?! or…I need to process a lot.

Ok. I got back from Savannah Sunday night and have been reeling since then. Obviously, I have to work, too. This is a stopgap post! I need to put more into this.

Saturday night, out to dinner before the big Microsoft party, my mind was a blurry haze of ideas.

Jon Kolko’s […]

The Impossible Will happen

So I watched this TED talk by Kevin Kelly and it is somewhat mind-blowing. The big take home for me is this: The impossible has happened, over and over again.

have you seen the Princess Bride?




“you keep using that word. I do not think it […]

Make Love, not products.

I was invigorated by Marisa Peacock’s account of Forrester Research’s report on Emotional Experience Design Principles.

The key take home is to “engage with the customer, not the product.” How?

Invest in ethnographic research: To uncover users’ unmet needs and aspirations Forrester recommends using qualitative insights gathered through ethnographic […]

Small Revolutions

Reading Steve Portigal’s article in Appliance magazine and watching Stephen Anderson’s talk from MX2008 got me thinking…UX people seem to be interested in culture primarily because we have to try to change it all the time, in little ways. Steve says “Driving these kinds of cultural changes isn’t trivial, but it isn’t impossible, either” while […]

Steve Portigal on Improv and Creativity

Yesterday I hit an IXDA free event at RGA. Steve Portigal gave an awesome talk on Improv and its implications/applications to UX design and research.

He generously put up his slides here…which, had I known he was going to do, Maalik and I might not have taken such furious notes!

One idea from his talk that blew […]

Twitter: Thanks for teaching me new things, like small studies work. Now I can go back to my job.

@ogilvydigital inspired my first tweet-induced post. Hit the graph to read the whole story…but I loved this one graph. For usability, we’ve definitely found this…after 3 or 4 interviews or home visits, you start to see the same problems over and over. It can get dull…but…if you stick with it, you get […]

The Evolving User

According to the New York Times and Forrester Research, people in the US of A are moving forward and everyone is getting on the tech bandwagon.

To wit:

63% of American Households have a broadband Internet Connection

75% of households have cellphones and PC computers

10 million households have added an HDTV last year (a 27% jump)

Total market penetration […]

Facts Help

This is either refreshing or refreshingly obvious, according to your perspective.

Read this Miller McCune article on priming people with Facts

“They randomly divided the 2,500 respondents and an additional 700 public school teachers nationwide into two groups. All were asked their opinion about education issues, but only some were primed with information. For example, before a […]