Design Facilitation and Education

Service Design Blueprints

Reposting an article I wrote for TDG on Service Design tools….it seemed worthwhile to share a few more tools from my research on the web and from our other friends in the design world, since people have been asking about it.


We see Design Thinking, Service Design and Experience Design as overlapping so strongly with an underlying […]

5 ways to innovate using better questions

Innovation is something that so many companies clamor for. And why shouldn’t they? In the fast-moving world of business you need an edge to help you stay ahead…and coming up with a new product or service that no one else has, or doing it in a fresh way, can help you stay ahead. But most […]

Solving The World’s Biggest Problems Takes Ensembles, Not Soloists

repost from an article I wrote for TDG

Band together
Being a soloist is fun…you get to flex your skills and shine. But music isn’t made by soloists alone…and it’s not enough to be great at your instrument. To make it with a band and make a big, rich sound, you have to listen to others, and […]

Myanmar is a Broken Business

I recently spent a month in Myanmar, a country that is struggling towards democracy and openness. I saw an enthusiastic people, thrilled to see westerners take an interest in their country (I witnessed a solid bout of Obama-mania!) and to enter the world stage. The Myanmar people I spoke with were excited for the future, […]

Technology ecosystems


I've been biking through Vietnam for about a week now, winding through backroads and the deep countryside. Being in a place that's more raw, where technology doesn't have such a grip on nature, I can see the sheen that our technological-social systems really are.

We stopped off at a bamboo chopstick “factory” a few days […]

Forrests and Trees: the problem with pattern recognition

Combing through my archive, I came upon this article in the New York Times. Its essential point was that a Brahms score, played by hundred of musicians, contained an error that no one noticed.

A piano teacher heard his student mis-play the piece….when he asked the student to correct the mistake, the student pointed out that […]

Design Thinking: Easy as Pie

Hey Internet!

Miles and me, of Kaleidoscope,  have given a talk tonight at the Brooklyn Brainery…the slides are here, as are some process slides from the day-one 10 minute design scrum. I’m looking forward to next week when we get to spend more time doing design together!

What did we learn? Well…time goes fast when you’re talking […]

9+1 steps to Doing Design

Some background. I presented a live version of this post to a beginning thesis class at Pratt. I was tired of showing my own work and wanted to inspire them to get out of the classroom, go into the world, and Do Design. The video above and my 10 slides below are my attempt to […]

The User as Hero

A few weeks back a new friend recommended that I check out Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey. It is an amazing manual for screenwriters on how to use Joseph Campbell’s work on Mythology to create stories that resonate deeply with audiences. I’ve always loved watching the Power of Myth series where Bill Moyers talks with […]

The Territory is not the Map: Personas and Storytelling

Thanks to @whitneyhess I went off to learn about Ad-Hoc personas in an ad-hoc way – by listening to 3 (free) minutes of a webinar coming up from Tamara Adlin.

What impressed me most about her pitch was that we ALL have personas or mental models of our users already. And, as Socrates […]