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Consumer Insights: Participatory Design


Last night I went to see JooYoung Oh give a presentation on her participatory design methods at The Change You Want to See, a very cool activist and co-working space in Williamsburg. I was tired after a long day, but the exercise of  putting lots of stickers on a page to […]

Consumer Insights: Soft and Visual

Working on a food project right now and found these great “rules” for food Michael Pollan culled from a slew of web comments. I particularly like the variety of presentation methods and how emotional and direct the insights are.

Mashups: Websites that are videos. Pictures that are movies. Video, video, video.

Thanks to twitter and @flytip, I read 87 cool things from Google Creative Labs at

Some faves were which takes your pics and short videos and makes a very sweet movie from them all, using a sound track of your choosing.

Another Youtube Mashup was Youtube Karaoke. Am I the last to know about this? […]

Twitter: Thanks for teaching me new things, like small studies work. Now I can go back to my job.

@ogilvydigital inspired my first tweet-induced post. Hit the graph to read the whole story…but I loved this one graph. For usability, we’ve definitely found this…after 3 or 4 interviews or home visits, you start to see the same problems over and over. It can get dull…but…if you stick with it, you get […]

The Evolving User

According to the New York Times and Forrester Research, people in the US of A are moving forward and everyone is getting on the tech bandwagon.

To wit:

63% of American Households have a broadband Internet Connection

75% of households have cellphones and PC computers

10 million households have added an HDTV last year (a 27% jump)

Total market penetration […]

Facts Help

This is either refreshing or refreshingly obvious, according to your perspective.

Read this Miller McCune article on priming people with Facts

“They randomly divided the 2,500 respondents and an additional 700 public school teachers nationwide into two groups. All were asked their opinion about education issues, but only some were primed with information. For example, before a […]

Latent Potential: Finding 5% of a wing

David Oliver got me thinking about Evolution…And I was finally reading Rules for Revolutionaries…which mentions Stephen Jay Gould’s 5% of a wing problem. So all this is buzzing around in my head…

Maybe it’s just my past life as a scientist but I love the idea of the 5% of a wing…We all know what a […]

Listening to Users, or not

I was in a user focus group last week for an electronic reader…and one of the issues that come up was the concern over screen scratching…

People said that if they dropped it into their bag, it would scratch. And that a case should come with the device. And that they would think twice before purchasing […]

Innovation with Teeth

So, it seems very timely that the New York Times ran a story on Innovation from the Top Down right after Gary and I got back from a deep dive conference on Innovation from the bottom up. The theme at Chicago’s IIT Institute of Design was Innovation and Sustainability and the discussions were wide ranging. […]

Data Drives Design..into a deep, dark hole.

I saw this NYTimes article today and thought you all might find it interesting…A designer from Google left recently, frustrated that every design decision was driven (or hobbled) by the intense need for data-driven decisions. In his blog he says:
Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades […]