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Should I learn to Code?

If you’ve started a life in UX design, or thought about it, if you’ve read the internet and thought “I should get in on this thing”, wondered about Instagram, Snapchat and so many other huge internet business and thought “I should really get in on this thing”…
If I want to be a great UX designer, […]

The Three Thinking Modes

In many tomes about creativity or design thinking, you’ll hear talk about “divergent” and “convergent” thinking. Divergent just means “lots of ideas” and Convergent just means “choosing one or a few of many”. I like to call those modes “open” and “close”. You *can’t* open and close at the same time. You open, then you […]

Service Design Blueprints

Reposting an article I wrote for TDG on Service Design tools….it seemed worthwhile to share a few more tools from my research on the web and from our other friends in the design world, since people have been asking about it.


We see Design Thinking, Service Design and Experience Design as overlapping so strongly with an underlying […]

Going Past Empathy: The Four levels of Listening and How you can listen your way to innovation

Repost from a an article I wrote for TDG

Listening can generate real change, produce unexpected outcomes…and foster real innovation. Creating real change is what we’re all here to do…we haven’t met a single person coming through the doors of The Design Gym who was willing to say “yes, the status quo is awesome.”

So since we […]

5 ways to innovate using better questions

Innovation is something that so many companies clamor for. And why shouldn’t they? In the fast-moving world of business you need an edge to help you stay ahead…and coming up with a new product or service that no one else has, or doing it in a fresh way, can help you stay ahead. But most […]

The Best ideas should win, not just the loudest

repost from a TDG post I wrote

Hearing Every voice in the room
In our last newsletter, we talked about how solving the world’s biggest problems take ensembles, not soloists.
That’s true because we almost always are working on a team, where no one person gets to be the final “decider”. You can argue that this situation is […]

Solving The World’s Biggest Problems Takes Ensembles, Not Soloists

repost from an article I wrote for TDG

Band together
Being a soloist is fun…you get to flex your skills and shine. But music isn’t made by soloists alone…and it’s not enough to be great at your instrument. To make it with a band and make a big, rich sound, you have to listen to others, and […]

Visual Thinking

Sometimes people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But drawing is worth Thousands of words.


Because there is simply no better (or faster) way to communicate what you mean to your team. Often in meetings there’s a lot of handwaving and conversation…and at the end what is remembered? Being active about capturing your […]

Workshop: Experience Design and Systems Thinking

I was very pleased to be invited, along with the amazing Jocelyn Ling, to the inaugural conference to kick off Malaysia’s amazing innovation and entrepreneurship accelerator, MaGIC.

Jocelyn’s work is in organizational and international development, and my expertise is in design thinking and experience design. We found a shared enthusiasm for systems thinking, and a lot […]

What’s your trajectory?

Spend a worthwhile few moments reading the source article for these thoughts here. He’s taken the time to scrape the rotten tomatoes ratings for a number of directors and plotted them over time.

Obviously, no one wants to have a trajectory like M. Night Shyamalan, looking backwards from […]