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Latent Potential: Finding 5% of a wing

David Oliver got me thinking about Evolution…And I was finally reading Rules for Revolutionaries…which mentions Stephen Jay Gould’s 5% of a wing problem. So all this is buzzing around in my head…

Maybe it’s just my past life as a scientist but I love the idea of the 5% of a wing…We all know what a […]

Apple Apps Display Wall


This is a delightful visualization…I love the water pulsing, raindrop feeling of the interface. It lies a little, I think…somehow, the blips that happen when an App is bought “spread” to others…but this isn’t really the case…It is amazing how some apps just keep pulsing.

Don’t forget this […]

Interaction Design: Process and Behavior

What is this man designing?

To my eye, he is just studying process. With that understanding, he could design a teapot or a website or any number of things. Boxes and arrows are a beloved trope of the interaction designer…but it is just a way to think clearly about complex processes and interactions. It’s like math. […]

WSJ on innovation: look in a different haystack

The Wall Street Journal has a nice article on innovation and why some compnaies are better at it than others…and tools we can all use to make sure were not looking in the same haystack we did last time. Breakthrough ideas aren’t going to come from the same ways of thinking that got us there.
Those […]

Listening to Users, or not

I was in a user focus group last week for an electronic reader…and one of the issues that come up was the concern over screen scratching…

People said that if they dropped it into their bag, it would scratch. And that a case should come with the device. And that they would think twice before purchasing […]

Crossing the Chasm: Keep Dancing?

The other day I saw this video on Youtube and it really reminded me of Crossing the Chasm…You see the idea that you have to get the early adopters before you get the mainstream. And before you get the early adopters, you have to have a visionary. That’s the guy in the video, dancing […]

The Fifth Blade and damn the torpedos.

I recently read an interesting abstract from the New Yorker about innovation, a much bandied-about word. Read it here. What is intriguing is the suggestion that in times of real stress, there is little energy to innovate – we just use whatever solutions we have that work…But after we have more resources at hand, we […]

Innovation with Teeth

So, it seems very timely that the New York Times ran a story on Innovation from the Top Down right after Gary and I got back from a deep dive conference on Innovation from the bottom up. The theme at Chicago’s IIT Institute of Design was Innovation and Sustainability and the discussions were wide ranging. […]

Data Drives Design..into a deep, dark hole.

I saw this NYTimes article today and thought you all might find it interesting…A designer from Google left recently, frustrated that every design decision was driven (or hobbled) by the intense need for data-driven decisions. In his blog he says:
Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades […]

Icon Design: Text, images, targets

So where do we look when we click? What are we looking for? Is the text there just to serve as confirmation of what we have chosen to click, or do we aim for the text? In the Garmin GPS interface, they have clearly decided that the text is *as important* as the icon. This […]