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The Evolving User

According to the New York Times and Forrester Research, people in the US of A are moving forward and everyone is getting on the tech bandwagon.

To wit:

63% of American Households have a broadband Internet Connection

75% of households have cellphones and PC computers

10 million households have added an HDTV last year (a 27% jump)

Total market penetration […]

Embedded Information










This is a perfect example of embedding information in the right place. I have to make a conscious effort to not buy this.

Also take a look at Sun Microsystem’s Project Looking Glass. […]

Long Form Reading

Man. I love Nicholson Baker. On a total aside, read The Mezzanine, his book about tangential thinking. The novel is written maybe 60% in footnotes that are near-random asides and mental meanderings. Kind of like my blog.

He wrote a recent article in the New Yorker about the Kindle. As we all should know by […]

Can I tweet that? Or, why can’t I find anything interesting?

Sigh. One of my office-mates wants to use twitter as a work message board.

Is Twitter *for* anything?

Am I just a luddite?

Anyway… is a cool idea. It’s like tapping into the collective unconscious, on multiple topics.

But as with so many things…it is only in agggregate that information become […]

Facts Help

This is either refreshing or refreshingly obvious, according to your perspective.

Read this Miller McCune article on priming people with Facts

“They randomly divided the 2,500 respondents and an additional 700 public school teachers nationwide into two groups. All were asked their opinion about education issues, but only some were primed with information. For example, before a […]

Usability is just the start

I really enjoyed this article. It’s a few years old, but still relevant:

“Usability doesn’t really get at the psychological and emotional context of use. Usability will tell you, from an ergonomic perspective, what people can do with a product, but there is lot more to making a product successful in the marketplace and making a […]


Eva Zeisel is so cool. She had a huge influence on my design program at Pratt and we all owe her a debt of gratitude. She was a big thinker.

Check her out back in 2001 on this TED talk.

Also, still waiting for my invite to the next one…

Managing User expectations: A 13 year-old rediscovers a cassette-tape Walkman

We should all read this article on Gizmodo. Or the full post on the BBC.

It shows how much deeply embedded information can be in a product: the kid took few days to find out that cassette tapes have two sides.

He also expected current features, like “shuffle” to exist. At the time, making a mix tape […]

Stripping down functionality for the best user experience:

If you didn’t see this on Core77, check this awesome pic from Designing Interactions. The truth of this is obvious: For most users, the breadth of functionality offered by modern devices is, frankly, overwhelming.

In many of the home visits I’ve made, there is ONE family member who can make everything work. The rest of […]

NeedsFinding: Making things work, or Inertia

I have been searching my photoarchives for the picture I took with my cellphone of a guy holding his Netbook, cradled in his arms, reading on the subway.

Why? When I saw this story on Lifehacker it all came together for me!

He was standing, with his arm curled around the device so he could almost […]