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The plural of anecdote is data

That’s a quote from my friend Carl…What it means to me is that users give me their stories and I turn those stories into information and meaning…one story is an anecdote…a collection of stories is a design research report.

Check out this month’s Innovation Magazine featuring a slew of great articles from the IDSA […]

Mapping to Know

Spending a slow day at the office bursting my mind with knowledge…it’s fun.

It all started with a great LinkedIn Discussion on Research methods. This post is a “cream of the crop” memory device for me. The diagram above is from Liz Sanders of MakeTools out of Ohio. What I love about this […]

CMYK Event at Droog: Tasty

On the 28th, Tasteologie, the test kitchen of Fork and Design put together CMYK Cocktail at Droog. It was a deeply, deeply enjoyable evening. It’s so rare to focus so cleanly and clearly on your senses…and what’s more, to decide if the green-colored cocktail you’re drinking tastes Blue, as the mixologist intended […]

Back to the Futurists…or “we don’t need any roads”


So my education continues. A few weeks back I took a well-deserved trip to the Florida Keys to go kayaking with a 1 day layover in Miami. While my travelling companion hung out with her family in the area, I hit the Wolfsonian, the one not-to-be-missed design destination in the area.

The […]

The Territory is not the Map: Personas and Storytelling

Thanks to @whitneyhess I went off to learn about Ad-Hoc personas in an ad-hoc way – by listening to 3 (free) minutes of a webinar coming up from Tamara Adlin.

What impressed me most about her pitch was that we ALL have personas or mental models of our users already. And, as Socrates […]

IXD10: OMGWTF?! or…I need to process a lot.

Ok. I got back from Savannah Sunday night and have been reeling since then. Obviously, I have to work, too. This is a stopgap post! I need to put more into this.

Saturday night, out to dinner before the big Microsoft party, my mind was a blurry haze of ideas.

Jon Kolko’s […]

The Impossible Will happen

So I watched this TED talk by Kevin Kelly and it is somewhat mind-blowing. The big take home for me is this: The impossible has happened, over and over again.

have you seen the Princess Bride?




“you keep using that word. I do not think it […]

ITP 2009

All in all, ITP is always fun, sometimes underwhelming. The best pieces are little jokes or games. One of the nicest was just a tent with a video projection on the surface of a campfire and woods. A bunch of us sat inside and just felt like we were backyard camping. It was a nice […]

Flat-Packed digital Interaction

So much digital interaction…thanks to @kicker for the Android Tablet heads up… Watch the video of Jimmy Fallon being annoyed with the nook’s “sliver” of a touchscreen and play with an Android Tablet.

Here’s the thing…is long battery life so important to the user that they will put up with e-ink’s lackluster interaction capabilities? Nook tries […]

Wireframing Fidelity and Activation Energy

Enjoyed this discussion on LinkedIn. I’ve checked out Balsamiq and Axure and OmniGraffle. OmniGraffle wins for best name, for sure.

The discussion ranged widely, and the issue I think is FIDELITY. We talk a lot about fidelity of mockups in ID, and wireframes are prototypes. And that’s why paper sketching seems to be a good starting […]