I just listened to this clip from NPR for the second time. It’s the “web extra” from Amanda Palmer on crafting her TEDTalk. What’s amazing about it is that she describes the Open-Close-Open-Close of any really good creative process. She talks to everyone, thinks about trying everything. She dumps a draft and edits it when it’s more than twice as long as it should be.

The words she uses is “Distil”…cutting her talk down to the absolute essentials, the most impactful, the most direct she can make it.

Sometimes I wonder…as most of what I do is teach the creative process on a regular basis…is it real? I mean, I struggle, too…and try to apply what I teach as much as I can. It’s a goddam relief that the timeless way of building is really universal. Amanda doesn’t read Design Thinking Blogs. She is just working hard to make something great and keeps pushing through.

Listen through to the end….the song she sings is wonderful.