I like diagrams. They help me understand things…a bird’s eye view, some perspective. Making them shows me what I know, and explaining them deepens that understanding. But, as we know….

The territory is not the map.

We all know this diagram of our local space, the solar system:

52906-solar-system-map-for-kids-scale-map-solar-system_665x415 (1)

But that’s just a map….it’s not even to scale! But it helps us “get it”…right?


This is what the solar system “really” looks like…a dynamic system, with a speeding sun and spiraling planets tagging along.

So when we draw diagrams of a business, it helps us understand what it’s all about, how it’s structured…and how to scale it….in theory.


The *reality* of running and scaling a business… well….it looks a lot like the solar system.