Well, we did it again. It was kind of a Voltron moment: Katie Koch, Peter Knocke, Miles Begin, Jason Wisdom and I came together and led about 30 NYU Stern students through a business-focused design workshop class!

Brian Ng and Sarah Lee from NYU Net Impact worked with us closely to help make sure we would deliver a workshop that could meet the needs of their audience and stretch their imaginations, too! I’m super pleased that we left people wanting more.

A special thanks goes to our special guests – NYU alums Rosalyn Savarimuthu and Eliot Pierce!

For those who took the Stern Workshop, the slides above will look familiar. If you want to see the slides we show when we have a bit more time (as well as an awesome movie!), check out my post here.

Please send me your pics and videos to my gmail address and I will aggregate them in a future post!