Once again, Miles and I were privileged to work with a crack team of willing problem solvers, who toiled away for an evening on problems of deep portent. And allowed Japanese TV cameras to film them.

Week One we showed our slides and the lovely video featuring the always inscrutable Mr. Eames.

Our good friend David volunteered to tell us a lovely story about how he was separated from his parents on his first flight and wound up drooling on his neighbor.

Naturally, we ideated a variety of drool-eliminating and drool-catching devices.

There were lots of other ideas…one thing to note…a few words can change how we view a picture! There’s little difference between the child tracking device and the tissue box!


Week Two found us ready to get deep inside the design process, starting from a juicy brief, we all got to interview each other and capture insights.brief_notes


I was really impressed, as always, with how hard-working everyone was – never giving up and pressing forward the whole session – while laughing and having a great time.

Some take-homes for me – a need or problem is deep…we can expand it out and look at the root, the result, or how it evolves…and have a design intervention for any of those stages. That came from a question during week one. And always, I learn about what makes a good idea good…and how a good presentation can make it even better!

Also that people are asking for more! maybe a 110 level class? People wanted to know what was next…how do they integrate this into their work? Where do they start? I think if you can get a discovery and interpretation phase into your process, it’s big win…your ideas will naturally be richer and better. I’ll keep you posted on what’s next. Miles and I are teaching a class Wednesday at NYU stern that is loosely based on this class, so we’re excited to see where it can go.