This installation was pretty simple but awesome. Very direct interaction, great concept, well done. I wish I could have seen people play it later that night, drunk!

It’s hard to see here…but each row of “pong” pieces is controlled by a simple knob. Pong+foosball=awesome. Super Uber from Brazil was responsible for this.

This one was funny…after talking to a few people, I discovered that it *isn’t* supposed to mimic you…which was disappointing, then fascinating. Because you got people to do all sorts of things they might not have done otherwise…people would try out extreme movements, do more elaborate dances, just to try to get a reaction. If it did a simple mimic, people may have just raised an arm or two and walked off!

This was fun. I could have watched this for ages. It really was a like a meditation

My companion and I spent a while trying to decide if it was actually interactive, or just seemed to be…but the patterns were mesmerizing. Minha Yang did an amazing job with this – visualizing sound in such a literal/metaphorical way was a stroke of real insight.


This piece was really breathtaking. Abstracting the colors and forms of a painting using these animations…it was engrossing. Plus, the sound effects really built this feeling that the pixilations were growing, swarming and retreating across the painting, like a primitive crustacean. Or something.

IMG_20111015_150235 IMG_20111015_150238 You can read more about the piece here and here.

Really, the most amazing piece was physical manifestation of Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space, by Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman with Undisclosable and One of Us’

Really, the pictures don’t do it justice. The one from their website, immediately below, makes it seem sterile and haunting.

But it was a warm, peaceful and relaxing experience. The music swelled and haunted. And I felt an immense amount of joy. It was like a movie of a warm summer’s day: birds, people singing….hope. So extraordinary. I heard the line got immense on Sunday, which makes sense. When I went to see The Clock at the Paula Cooper Gallery earlier this year, it was the same thing…some people just didn’t want to leave! And until they do, no one else can come in. Guilty!IMG_20111015_170811 IMG_20111015_165153

Maybe it was how people had to look up. I don’t know. It was special.


Oh…and I saw a lego treehouse.