Reposting an entry from Kaleidoscope’s blog…verbatim! (If only they had permalinks…)


Today at lunch our Senior Interaction Designer Daniel Stillman gave a workshop on MetaGami – origami for thinking. He taught a similar class recently at local skillshare Brooklyn Brainery. As a way to get people to not just fold a model but to remember it, Daniel decided to incorporate diagramming in the process. The idea is to get the group really learning…to not just how to follow the steps, but how to describe the models and to communicate them to themselves and others, and to leave a record of the process that others can follow.

As an interaction Designer, Daniel sees things through that lens. “A good origami diagram acts like a good interface…it hints at more than is shown in full detail, and reveals more as you use it. But at each level of understanding, the hints help orient and direct the user.”

Diagramming language for Origami has evolved over many years to use a limited set of line types, weights and arrows that, combined, make a coherent, flexible and scalable language…like any good any good language, interface or design.