Hey Internet!

Miles and me, of Kaleidoscope,  have given a talk tonight at the Brooklyn Brainery…the slides are here, as are some process slides from the day-one 10 minute design scrum. I’m looking forward to next week when we get to spend more time doing design together!

What did we learn? Well…time goes fast when you’re talking about your passion. But I also learned that 10 minutes is a plenty of time to dig into a design problem and excavate some insights.

The pie of the title is, of course, a reference to Miles’ muffin-pan apple pies.I learned how to make those pies at the brainery, from Natalie of Bike Basket Pies.

Those pies, along with a video from Mr. Eames taught us that examining and understanding context is a key place to start with design.

The slides below should help you review and do some reading for next week.

Or don’t! Come as you are!

We cranked for 10 minutes on Airline Stories. Thanks to our brave participant for volunteering her story of free booze on a flight!

What was amazing was that as we outlined her story, I felt stumped. It was a cool story, to be sure. Good times. Two free drinks and we are happy and in love with the airline.

But one participant coined the term “Unexpected Pleasantries” which gave us a seed for the ideation session…lots of great ideas flowed. The process and the results are below.

Reading list:

Things I mentioned:

99 Ways to Tell a Story, Back of the Napkin, Knowledge Games, Reading Ahead by Steve Portigal, IDEO design thinking for educators.

That’s it for now. Time to sleep!