So much digital interaction…thanks to @kicker for the Android Tablet heads up… Watch the video of Jimmy Fallon being annoyed with the nook’s “sliver” of a touchscreen and play with an Android Tablet.

Here’s the thing…is long battery life so important to the user that they will put up with e-ink’s lackluster interaction capabilities? Nook tries to mitigate the issue and points the way to an interesting hybrid. This device, the eDGe takes it all the way.

The videos below (the first, from Bonnier, is very nicely done) show a rich and fluid interaction that is impossible to attain on e-ink. There are tricks and “stunts” that can be used to make e-ink look more fluid, but full, glossy color is out of reach for e-ink, as well as fast refresh times that users expect. I can’t seem to get Vimeo to embed…so just click the link!

I am curious to see what ecological niche e-ink screens occupy in the evolving digital lifestyle on the horizon. Smartbooks might be expensive for a time, e-readers might come down in price. Netbooks…oh, who knows? Anyway…enjoy.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.